Your child is our priority

Here at Hobby Horse Ltd, nurturing your child and identifying and meeting their individual needs is our priority. We have a good understanding of children's lives and their social contexts, basing our planning and teaching around them. Supporting and encouraging personality development, autonomy and creativity are top priorities for us. Developing social interaction and understanding differences in others also plays an equally important role in our work. We also support you, the parent, in helping your child grow and develop.


Our motto: working together, we make your child stronger, grow in confidence, and help them reach their full potential as an individual!


All-round care for your child means to us:

  • A warm, nurturing and inspiring, safe homely environment
  • Every child is seen as an individual with individual needs
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Language development
  • Creative development
  • Mathematical development
  • Early musical appreciation
  • Early appreciation of books
  • Physical education
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Pre-school work
  • Healthy eating and healthy practices
  • Successful partnerships with parents
  • Nurturing care delivered by caring professional staff


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