We believe in working together

Successful cooperation between parents and nursery practitioners is important because it also has an effect on your child's development.  Just as partnership working between staff and parents leading to a seamless crossover between home and nursery is essential for your child's personal, social and emotional development and well-being.


This is why we encourage a culture of cooperation, continuous information exchange, and a relationship of mutual respect between parent and practitioner.


Our current initiatives

  • Nursery to home contact book

All children have a daily contact book giving the parent all of the information about their childs day at the nursery including nappy changes, food eaten etc.

  • Termly reports

All parents recieve a summative report detailing their childs progress developmentally

  • Home Visits

Before a child starts at the setting all parents are offered a home visit where staff will visit the child in their own familiar surroundings

  • 1 to 1 parent evenings and drop in times

Parents are regularly invited to come in and view their child's learning journey and discuss it with staff, and parents also have the opprtunity to drop in on a regular basis to see what their child is doing in the nursery and discuss any worries they may have.

  • Home observations

 We believe it is important to involve our parents in their child's learning journey so we get parents to carry out observations of their children playing at home.  This gives us a wealth of information and also gives parents a great insight into their child's play and what we can learn from it.

  • Pre-school reading and communication initiative

We send a reading book home every day with our pre-school children in order that parents can share this valuable time with their child, and we also send home resources that we use in both our phonics teaching and Blast communication programmes in order that parents can get involved at home to complement their child's learning at the setting.

  • Activities at home

Our pre-school children also have a home extension book that contains suggestions from staff of things a parent may like to do at home with the child to further extend the learning that has taken place at the setting.  This is very individual to each childs stage of development and their particualr area of focus at that time.







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