Hobby Horse Ltd takes Safeguarding and the Health of your child very seriously

Hobby Horse Ltd takes the safeguarding of the children in their care very seriously, and this is reflected in the 'OUTSTANDING' judgement they have received from OFSTED for their practices in keeping children safe and healthy.


First and foremost, all provisions within the company have in place and work to  very rigorous Safeguarding policies which can be viewed below.

Our Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding policy for Hobby Horse Day Nursery
Safeguarding and Children.docx
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Our E-Safety Policies
These policies are to ensure your childs protection in the modern world with the use of ICT
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Risk Assessment

All of our settings carry out rigorous risk assessments.  On a daily basis every room used during the nursery's operation is risk assessed, as are the outside play areas.  Further risk assessments are carried out on individual daily activities and any planned outings and all risk assessments are comprehensively recorded and kept.


The accident logs of all settings are also audited by the nursery owners on a regular basis in order to identify any hazards/risks that may have occurred and steps are then taken to eliminate that risk.

Health and Hygiene

Hobby Horse Ltd takes the Health and Hygiene of your child extremely seriously and operates by strict policies and procedures to ensure this happens on a daily basis.  The nurseries are kept scrupiously clean and strict infection control procedures are followed by all staff.


All of our staff are trained in Paediatric First Aid, Risk Assessment, Health and Safety, Health and Hygiene and Safeguarding, and Rachael Edgeler the nursery owner is also an RGN and oversees the continuing training of staff and the health needs of all the children.


Just as it is important for our staff, we also believe that its important that the children in our care learn the importance of good health and hygiene.  Therefore, handwashing, healthy eating and teeth brushing are an integral part of their day.


Because your child's health is important to us, all meals provided by the nurseries are nutritious, balanced, healthy meals with fruit and vegetables served to the children every day as part of that diet.  This is further re-inforced with the pre-school children who bring a packed lunch as parents are told that all food brought in by the children must be healthy and no chocolate, sweets or crisps are allowed.

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