ME2 funding for eligible 2 year olds in Plymouth

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Government funding for 2 year olds available at Hobby Horse Day Nursery

Government funding is available for eligible 2 year olds at Hobby Horse Day Nursery through the Plymouth Local Authority ME2 funding scheme.


To apply for this funding parents need to contact as below:


Telephone: Early Years Service: 01752 307450

Julie Gray: 01752 307182


Email: or


Q. How is an application made?


Parents and carers can contact the local authority directly.In order to check a family’s eligibility for September 2013 onwards, please contact the Local Authority via the contacts above. You will need to provide the following to confirm eligibility:


1. parent/carers name


2. date of birth


3. National Insurance number


4. house/flat number


5. postcode


6. child’s name & date of birth

These details will be checked against the official Department for Works and Pensions secure online tool and a letter will be sent to the parent confirming eligibility. This letter can be presented at Hobby Horse Day Nursery as proof of eligibility.


Once eligibility has been confirmed, the parent/carer will be sent a letter that confirms they can access Me2 funding from a certain date. The parent/carer will then be able to use this letter to book their childs place at Hobby Horse Day Nursery. 

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